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Empowering at-risk youth through skateboarding

A skateboarder does a grab trick in a bowl-shaped skate park. In the background is a watching crowd, palm trees, and the ocean.
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  • 7 Minute Marketing Demo National Touring Artist • Storyteller, Author, Poet, Drummer, Teaching Artist Traditional Folk Arts Fellowship Recipient – AVAILABLE FOR RESIDENCY! Your opinion Matters. Like, Love, Share. Comment/Suggestion for improvement (what can I can I do better). OFFERING: Introduction to Interactive storytelling workshop/presentation by ObaKing • Now Booking “A Poetic Kwanzaa” for Early Childhood•Family•Seniors•Teens AFFORDABLE PRICES […]

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    Oba King, Director of JUSTUSarts Educational Entertainment, is a Master Performing Storyteller. One of the components of his mastery is his ability to create programs, workshops, and presentations that engage students and parents alike. This year we completed our Summer Reading program “See What I’m Saying” in the Chicago Public Libraries July 2nd and introduced […]

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  • Story Muse – and spit is. Today 7/19/22 5ish am

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Learn to skate

Skatepark welcomes youth of all ages and experience levels. Whether you’ve never been on a board before, or you can already do tricks, there’s a place for you and something to learn.

Make new friends

Skateboarding is a social sport! Come hang out and meet some new friends to cheer you on while you skate. We have a strict no-bullying policy and maintain a supportive environment.

Close-up of a person riding a skateboard, focusing on their feet and the board. One foot is on the board, while the other foot is up, in motion. A skatepark is blurred in the background.

Skateboarding can teach people discipline, patience, and resiliency. It’s a great sport for kids with a lot of energy! We’ll help build up some structure and support in your life, all while you meet new people and have a ton of fun learning how to skateboard.

Visiting Coaches

Steph Harper. Buddy Sellers. Mehmet Farrow. Bob Lopez. Tammy Habich. Tye Barclay. Kaden Price. Lily Rivera. Chris Wright. Sammy Sanchez.