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6 thoughts on “Moments and Memories

  1. Oba King and Mark Vaugn made the 100 mile trip out west today to La Moille High School to present a program titled, “Drumming and Poetry.” Not only did these “city-folk” come way out to the country, but these two African and Carribean-Americans were audacious enough to accept our invitation to instruct and entertain our school that has an extremely homogenous, white demographic and…
    they were spectacular! Oba and Mark quickly “connected” with our students and staff at an opening assembly, thus setting the stage for some really intimate and impactful small-group sessions in a workshop setting. Thank you, Oba and Mark, for not only entertaining us, but for teaching our students not just about drumming and poetry in your unique way, but more importantly, the lessons about humanity!

  2. The public library brought Oba to our local elementary school in New Glarus, WI and he had about 400 students from 4K through 4th grade listening and responding to his stories and music. It was a different kind of storytelling for our rural area and I’m so happy that the kids joined in as quickly as they did. I know it will help them retain the memory of the experience, too!

  3. Oba visited West Virginia to tell on the Speak Story Series as well as at a local middle school. The students at the school took to him so quickly. The wisdom and lessons of his whole program reached the full group, while individual stories seemed to resonate with different pockets of listeners. He was great! Many in the audience at the Speak Story Series show commented on the power and impact of his stories, which came at a time when we needed them most.

    • Thank you Adam. The SPEAK Story Series is an incredible event, a wonderful program that will have a beautiful long life for storytellers and story-listeners. I am happy that we met and grateful that you selected me. Thank You for your positive input.

  4. Oba’s performance was very inspiring and motivating. The students at US Wiggins are still talking about it today. Thank you Oba for coming to US WIggins. We hope that you can come back again, and keep inspiring our students.

    • It was my absolute pleasure to visit your school and engage your students. I’d love to return and next time lets have assembly and workshop for all ages and grade levels! Asante Sana, Thank You very much

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