summer reading through kwanzaa 22/23 performance, workshop, or residency

Getting them to pick their first book, or create their first story, write a poem, recite a folktale, it all leads to the same goal: Creating Life Long Learners.

I enjoy being part of the joy. Frank Lloyd Wright completed 1/3 of his life’s work between the age of 80 – 92––WoW

INDEED THERE IS HOPE. Inspiration makes a rare appearance. If I begin now and focus primarily on building I may well be able to accomplish my goal

A study of the art form-we commonly call storytelling/spokenword produced one reality that Is typical of the “Jali”, (an ancient term) • The Griot (normalized by commons language) • The “Gemini” (accepted behavior due to birth/rhythm) – In ALL the joy of living/being in my life. I KNOW I’VE BEEN BLESSED – I’ve always given thanks to the CREATOR – our mother/father being whom shaped us from matter-who called us to be here, now- who breathed the breath of life we share…

I’ve known something for a very long time-“I can only say it now, ‘cause I’ve always known… ‘I had to become older… to articulate a truth, to use my sacred gift to define myself, I – (we have to discover our safe place, recognize it as such when its encountered, and know/realize/accept/understand, the moment we are in is the now. To belabor the point here is when my words are meant to be heard––from me.

A moment when one can be “descended to senile or risen to sage, depending upon what conclusions they drew, from all that your life put you through”

We’ve survived the distractions, the systemic barriers, the crab n barrel mentality amongst us-the fear, the doubt, the anger, and the failures-to get to here. Truly starting from the bottom, and through it all-continued to push forward and reach Back. Making OUR truth the priority. Praying for salvation while sitting on the fence looking at the greener grass, seeing it’s beauty but knowing the root of right is where we are.

Along the path of elders, mentors, and so many angels, rising, falling, their numbers fluctuate with age were my age now, when we met one another. They are the ancestors now, as soon, one day, I too will be.

Until that day – let us revel in this designation as “Poetic Storyteller” – Teaching Artist, Performing Storyteller, Culture Artist, and Author–– Imagination again this time ignite the dream.

The window is open to establish the foundation -we’ve all always, imagined. ( inspired by that moment) when THE SCENE FROM GLORY-WHEN DENZEL PICKS THE FLAG UP OFF THE GROUND AND LOOKS BACK…. Come on!

JUSTUSarts Educational Entertainment (Sole Proprietorship) DBA – LLC potential 501c3 – can be/become a regionally recognized ‘arts for education, teaching artists establishment – that creates, presents, produces, promotes and employs artists, teaching artists, performers, writers, storytellers, musicians, actors, dancers, “imaginateers” within MidWest/MidAmerica • Illinois to Texas / committed to growth and development.

Your Immediate response is appreciated and will remain confidential.

Speak Truth to Power.
Bring Your Imagination into the Light© ObaKing

March To Summer Reading A read across America proposal !ObaKing is known as A Poetic Storyteller – March is National Reading & April is National Poetry months • this world class, award winning, traditional folk art Storyteller is planing a driving tour across Mid America through MidWest from DFW, Texas to Northern, Illinois- DFW to Chi-Town • City libraries, Public libraries, School Libraries, State Libraries • L I B R A R I E S! MEETING FRIENDS ALONG THE WAY – available BEGINNING • ••••••MAY 23 through JUNE 30••••• *****************2023************.

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