I’m not sure which was more fun during the performance: watching Oba or watching our students respond to Oba! He had over 400 4th and 5th graders captivated using primarily his voice and his drum. Students and staff alike were given a cultural gift through poetry and song. He did a wonderful job tailoring his presentation to our upper elementary students as well as lower elementary students earlier in the day. I’m sure he would do a wonderful job no matter the audience or purpose. I also appreciated his flexibility, professionalism, and friendly demeanor in getting set up at our school. I would recommend him without reservation! ~ Joey Sagel

I was just at the Evanston Storytelling Festival and saw you perform. I loved the drumming, the songs, and the stories.  The one I loved was the one about your daughter in line and the man with the low riding pants.
I was watching “Windy City Live” at the gym on Monday and don’t you know they were talking about various communities actually banning this type of dress?  One of the hosts finally ended the story by saying, “Just Pull Them Up”  Of course I thought of you and your story and song right away and wanted to let you know that your song could start a movement!  🙂  Keep up the good work.  I so enjoy your stories.  ~ Gail Permenter


I really enjoyed the hour+ I spent last night listening to your stories at the library. That was the first time in a very

long time I’ve done the hokey pokey with my own age group! The whole thing was a lot of fun and educational as well.

I’m listening to Signifying Monkey right now! Now there’s an education! Thanks and welcome to Fort Worth! R. Compton.


“Oba William King’s presentation is very interactive, combining a vibrant performance with an educational bent. Our young patrons were engaged the entire time. We look forward to booking Mr. Oba again soon for our library!”
-Kara Seal, Senior Events Specialist, Arapahoe Libraries
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