Programs & Workshops

Storytelling for All Ages

~ Favorite themes are the power of the human spirit, the unity of all people, and fun.  The room is full of positive energy with emphasis on encouragement and uplifting story and song.  Oba’s wealth of stories lead to a program designed to fit your specific needs.  Personal narrative, traditional tales, call and response, drum, and song animate the soul.

Storytelling for A Specific Age

~ Oba’s same energy and enthusiasm translates into specific programs for any age.  The same feeling of energy and joy permeates his tales for adults or for children.

Educational Programming for School and Libraries

~ Arts, science, literacy, dance, story – most any topic you wish to explore or skill you want to reinforce, Oba has a program ready for your classroom, school assembly, or library story time.  The presentation can be catered to include as much drum and interactive education as you choose.

Martin Luther King Day Programs

~ Assembly programs for MLK Day or any day you want to celebrate the man and his mission.  Oba celebrates racial diversity, differing heritages, and the unity of all.

Poetic Kwaanza

~ Educational entertainment for the holidays which celebrates African American heritage and embraces all people in the celebration.   A real community building presentation.

Custom Programming

~ What do you need?  Oba will custom plan storytelling, music, education, and entertainment for you.

Workshop: Telling Stories with Music and Movement

 Introduction     ……….7 minutes      (Today’s Goals, Expectations, Challenges, or Theme)
STORYTELLING TIME  Wake Up / Circulatory Shake Up………………………………………… 12 minutes
 Breathe and Stretch, Freeze and Shake, Slow Motion Movement and Balance
Self Esteem Building Chant   w/ Drum ………………………………………… 10 minutes
(If I Believe In Me -O. King) (Life Doesn’t Frighten Me – M. Angelou)
Expressive Telling: Adding  Songs in Reading……………………………. 20-35 minutes
Selections from Following Story List:  Why Mosquitoes Buzz In People’s Ears, You Are Special, The Beautiful Butterfly, Fisherman and the Little Fish, Beauty and The Beast, The Black Bird and Peacock, Fox and Crow, Lion and Mouse, Obalina Williameana The World’s most Beautiful Ballerina, Please Baby Please, Creation , and many, many others.
Theme Reinforcement  …6 minutes Family Literacy Question and Answer Period …variable
Self Esteem Building Chant W/ recorded music (from my CD)
 “I love My People.” Nothing’s Going To Stop Me From My Dream.” Time To Play.” ….
Cool Down / Quiet and Settle Option……….. 2-3 minutes (for early childhood and nap time applications
NOTE:  approximate running time 1 hour 30 minutes – (can be adapted to fit shorter formats)
Participants will have an opportunity to develop story/song skills. The workshop is designed to demonstrate methods to capture the students’ attention through Storytelling, Poetry and Drama, workshop will demonstrate how students will have the opportunity celebrate literary arts and participate by remembering and memorizing, reading and telling; short stories, or reciting poems, writing short stories and poems, or presenting dramatic interpretations of sketches in small group format. FOCUS adding song and movement to story
(time intensive)
 additional material available for early childhood eduction
Assembly Style Presentation includes Dance, Vocals, Storytelling, Interactive Student participation. with Drums, one location all participants


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