Harmony w/ Oba 11/14/21 10:30am •FBLIVE

November is the official season of gratitude, an important aspect of our spirituality, reflecting on our many blessings.

On November 14, our guest speaker will be Oba William King, and judging from his workshop earlier this year, it will be a very special treat! Oba’s topic is seeing the light in each other, referring to Nelson Mandela‘s concepts of awareness, logic, reason and action, reminding us “do not be afraid to shine”. Shhh…🤫. There will be drumming involved!

For more information about Oba and his vision/ministry, please visit his website https://JUSTUSarts.com call the Harmony phone number (817-575-7984) for directions. That number is answered up until 10:20 on Sunday mornings. We will continue live streaming the services to our Facebook page, and the recording of the stream is available on Facebook for viewing on your own schedule.

Love Offerings & Donations may be applied to $JUSTUSarts612 • Storytellingking@comcast.net • PayPal.me/obaWilliamKing _ Thank You

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