Storytellers • Mama Kemba & ObaKing @storytellingking

Mama Kemba and ObaKing = Cultural Arts & Heritage w/Stories and Songs • African American History Month @ Damascus Baptist Church 2/26/23


Reading, writing, rhythm, and rhyme •Author Visit • Workshop •Short Term Artist Residency (minimum 4 days), or performance 45 minutes to 90 minutes • All Ages. SOLO ARTIST FEES: START AT $245.00 MUST CONSIDER MILEAGE, LODGING, P1 MEAL IF MORE THAN 50MILES FROM HOME. MULTIPLE BOOKINGS SAME DAY, SAME LOCATION 1ST PERFORMANCE 245 – 2ND $200.00 (DFW-Special)

RATES REPRESENT PRICE FOR BOOKING MADE by 5/1/23It’s Storytelling Time • Now Booking READING, WRITING, RHYTHM, & RHYME…performance or Workshop adopting Texas’ TEKS – PRESENTER is a TCA Roster Artist • TLA Conference Presenter • Featured Storyteller @ Kennedy Center, International Storytelling Center, and George HW Presidential Library and Museum-a Member of The National Association of Black Storytellers and Author of 2 books for young readers & many StorySongs booking request available via

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