Yes, there is a fee for these… services

November 1st is Fall Grant Application Deadline for Texas Commission On The Arts. Non profit organizations can request support for presentations and workshops to be held during the dates between December to April – are you nearly, completely ready to book Oba, JUSTUSarts Ensemble, or Storytelling, Drum, Drama, Voice and Diction?

Would you like to See Oba Live! There are multiple dates of public presentations including Deerfield Public Library 12/17/21 AND Waukegan Public Library on 12/18/21. THEY ARE FREE TO THE PUBLIC.

One reason I can offer projects FREE to the public takes planning! at least Eight weeks prior to your event date, submit the Illinois Presenters ARTS-TOUR grant application-for high quality, educational entertainment, literary arts for children and their family, tweens and teens open mic workshops (virtual or in person), as well as “spinning a yarn” , “back in the day”, and “This Little Light” interactive performances for seniors.

If you’re still interested in planning an interactive presentation for your patrons or students-please let me know if you’ve have permission to apply for Poets and Writers Inc-visiting author grant or for an artstour grant • airfare/mileage, lodging, per diem, content development and presentation (cost of living) are mostly covered by a myriad of grants and sponsorships. Yes, I love visiting schools, libraries, museums, and community service organizations. My expertise includes presenting workshops, sharing experiences, and s t o r y t e l l i n g! Watch These- and tell me what you think. Thank You for your time – to support our efforts please use $JUSTUSarts612 OR – Just share a chance for booking with your friends, family, and colleagues (fees start at $460).

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