Dear Mr. Oba William King,

How are you? It was an honor to have you present for our students during Black History Month. The Team that I am a part of, Leading for Racial Equity, recently gave a survey to teachers in regards to the quality of our school’s Black History Month curriculum and events. Teachers were given an opportunity to leave comments specifically in regards to your performance. Below are the comments that teachers made:

“I loved this presentation! The music got kids excited and you were extremely engaging.”

“The students loved Oba and were extremely engaged in his presentation!”

“We want Mr. Oba to come back.”

“An experience for all to see. What great stories! Very age appropriate and the children were happy.”

“You have a way with words. It is clear you see the importance of giving our generation of young people a chance to embrace and enjoy this African tradition of storytelling. Thank you for sharing your gift of storytelling with our school. You were very inspiring and uplifting.”

“Very nice experience. Mr. King is a fabulous storyteller.”

“ Our students, K-4, were enthralled!”

As these comments were left on an anonymous survey, feel free to list as AF Bridgeport Academy K-4 Teacher. We look forward to having you work with our school again in the near future. And my son absolutely loves the song, “ I Love My People.”

Kindest Regards,

Grade K – 4 Teachers

Achievement First Bridgeport Academy Elementary School

Bridgeport, CT



HONORED! Thank you so much for inviting me to tell stories for your students. Please let them know, Mr. Oba is very proud of them. They are working hard hard to be GREAT Students, I think They are Kind, Smart, and Fun. — “There’s Always room for one more word” Thanks- Mr. Oba


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