Cultural Arts•Writing Workshop•Spoken Word

English Language Arts workshops and presentations that are inspiring to students. King is extremely gifted in providing programs for all areas of society. His materials are adapted to fit audiences of every age. During Black History Month, some of the Chicago Public Library’s Neighborhood Branches provided students with various African American programs. The stories told by Oba William King were some of the most thrilling to the children who saw and heard him at Douglas, Lincoln Belmont, Rogers Park, West Chicago and Woodson Regional branches.
Actor/Storyteller Oba William King has earned tremendous acclaim in Chicago and in other parts of the United States. He brings his characters to life on stage with tremendous impetuosity and blazing dramatic urgency.
The actor’s involvement with the children was overwhelming with imagination. They glued their eyes to his slightest movement and listened to his articulation with earnest attention. https:// storytelling-oba-william-king-20140214-story.html by Earl Calloway

Click on the booking link to schedule workshop, residency or performance. A Short term artist residency starts at minimum 3 sessions up to 12 weeks.

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