English Language Arts Holiday Stories • Kwanzaa Performance, Celebration & Workshops It’s Storytelling Time

Interactive literary arts activities designed to hone your skills in reading, writing, and rhythm. Oba brings stories to life, stimulating the imagination, building bridges through storytelling for all ages, all cultures. https://www.eventbrite.com/e/oba-william-king-drumming-and-folktales-tickets-62783134044

... she flung the lasso into the sky and the loop wrapped around the moon. Commander Demander helped as she tugged, and tugged until suddenly - the rope sliced right through the center. UtOh, there were two 1/2 moons. 

3 responses to “English Language Arts Holiday Stories • Kwanzaa Performance, Celebration & Workshops It’s Storytelling Time”

  1. Join Us June 26th 9:30 in Sanger or 3:00pm in Richland Hills @ The Library where Summer Reading is King! #storytellingking


  2. Noreen Cartwright Avatar
    Noreen Cartwright

    I recognize the drums – is there anyone teaching in the Portland, OR area?


    1. Hello Noreen Cartwright. We were in Portland, Beaverton, and vacinity during November https://www.brownpapertickets.com/event/3613217 • There are no current plans to return, yet. But We will happily entertain any invitation to visit, perform, teach et al- sincerely, Oba


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